Tuesday, 22 September 2009



Ok so it's Autumn, it's getting cold and it's getting dark. What better than plugging into some classic British Hip-Hop... Try some lonely windy walks to this banger of a beat, you wont be disappointed, epic!

If this has wet your appetite also try out: Movements and Witness

Visit the Roots Manuva website here.


Barry P said...

The best thing over than the banging tunes on a tunesday is that its only one more day till wednesdays with egg! cant wait!

kaplank kapow said...

Yeah Barry, stoked your a local to the blog!

Your gonna piss your pants watching Wednesdays With Egg - Episode 3... Haha it's hilarious.

Spread the news, peace.

Kaplank Kapow.

Barry P said...

ohh boy, was i not dissapointed! classic, he actually yolks.....i remember hearing about this...this guy is going to make it big!