Monday, 11 July 2011

Q0TD 2011 - THE LIST

The QOTD list has been revamped once again, leaving as much room as possible for some rad, creative edits. The list attached is more a suggestions, the points don't fucking matter at the end of the day, it's all about the shred and getting everyone together.

This year, the edit we're into the most wins. Simple as.

But, to get the juices flowing, we've got some suggestions to spark the magic, all worth 50 points.....

· Gnarliest hillbomb

· One Team Member Ollie The Rest Of The Team

· Get Your Dad To Bust a Move

· Line In The Rain (+ Another 50 for Welly Boots)

· Perform a Trick / Line Naked (Gary Bryce Request)

· Sticker Up A Rival Skate Shop Riders Board / Shop

· Build and Skate Your Own Spot

· Ollie St Nick Stairs

· Bandstand Gate Hop

· Doubles Line With a BMX'r

· Film a Line Involving Your Whole Team (Check 'Anti-Social' Vid Intro for Inspiration)

· Dress As An 80's Skater and Shred

· Challenge and Beat Pigsy at a Game O' Darts min!

· A'deen / Skate Related Tattoo

· Gnarliest Piercing

· Skate a Skate Stopped Spot

· Busk For Tricks

· 4 Wheels Nae 2 - Best Trick Over a Bike

· Taildrop Campus O' May Bridge

· Find Kev Bell

· Best Tash On The Premier Night

· Film a Line In Cadona's

· Drop In On The Duthie Park Slides

· 3 Trick Switch Line

· Ollie a Chav

· Get Up There - Touch The Crest of The Beach Wave

· Roll Down Rattray's Wall

· Best Custom Board

· Prank Another Team

As for the usual list of flatland/rail/ledge/manny tricks, we've scrapped it and used some inspiration from the pros. Everyone's got a favourite skateboarder, and the list below is a wee example of people who hype us to skate, and the tricks we like to see them do. Get Inspired!

· Reynolds - Front Side Flip

· Busenitz - SPEED LINE!

· Daewon - Fakie Nosemanual

· Koston - Back Noseblunt

· Cardiel - Huge Grab Air

· Arto - Longest Front Board

· Rune Gliffberg - Kickflip Back Disaster

· Ray Barbee - No Comply Line

· Leo Romero - Grind Up Challenge

· Huf - Gap To Manny

· Mike Carrol - Back Smith

· Gino - BS 360

· Dill - Feeble

· Stevie Williams - Switch Shuv

· Kenny Anderson - Back Tail

· Chico - Lazor Flip

· Kalis - Switch Heel

· Janoski - Switch Crook

· AVE - Switch Tre

· Shier - Back Flip

· Rattray - Tre Flip

· Rodney Mullen - Old School Shit

Hope that list gets everyone hyped. Looking forward to seeing the edits. Shred On..

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euan said...

are teams from the southern hemisphere allowed to enter?!!

NZ Shred!