Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Age: 26 
Location: Vesterbronx, Copenhagen W 
Occupation: The webshop guy // ramoicamo.com // (coming soon: skatersvin.dk

5 reasons you still haven’t visited Scotland: 

My all time debt to my credit card supplier 
I've heard all about shitty spots 
I don’t own a kilt 
Laziness (that might be the number one reason) 

5 stereotypes of Danish folk: 

Roligans - "rolig" means calm. So a roligan is like a fat, calm Danish man going to a football match just to eat hotdogs and drink draft beers. 
Guys who used to skate but don't skate anymore and they still act like a skater, "Yeah I used to do that back in ‘93 too". 
DJ's playing at the "Meatpacking District" with an iPhone 
"Artists" waiting their whole life for a breakthrough

5 explanations to why you dig Paul Shier so much: 

Best Tre-Flip! 
Paul brought me copy of the Blueprint video "Make Friends with the Colour Blue" at CPH PRO he knows I'm a fan. 
I heard a lot of guys saying that Paul shouldn't be pro because he's not that good, he has his own style, doing his own tricks and he’s doing it all pretty well. 
His happy attitude is worth a lot too. 

5 tricks to warm up the session: 

I like to start out with all the 180s 
Front Shove 
Switch Ollie 

5 ways to blag a free beer at the CPH PRO: 

I can't remember how I got half of the beers I was drinking 
My boss gave me a couple of beer tickets 
Help carrying beers from the container to the bar 
Go steal at the gas-station (I didn't do that but I guess you could)

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