Thursday, 28 June 2012


Always wanted to design a skateboard? Well now's your chance.

Design the next Boarderline Shop Deck in association with us, Kaplank Kapow.

We want YOU to get your creative thinking cap on and design us a graphic for our next drop of Boarderline shop decks.

1st Prize - Will be awarded with their design printed on our next stock of Boarderline shop decks, a free deck with their design, a Boarderline T-shirt and stickers. 

2nd Prize - Will receive a Boarderline Hoody, T-Shirt and stickers. 

3rd Prize - Will receive a Boarderline T-Shirt and stickers.

Keen? Check out the rules below and get creating!

- Deadline is 6pm, Friday August 3rd

- Your design should be no bigger than 250mm x 850mm (12.5cm x 42.5cm for hand made submissions)

- No more than 4 colours per design

- You must use a minimum of ONE of our provided logos

- Digital files must be saved as PDF and be no less than 300pi

- Digital submissions preferable but if you ain't got a computer get your hands dirty and draw, paint, do whatever you can or want, just go wild!

Still keen? Send us a message with your email and we'll send across the Boarderline logo pack.


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