Wednesday, 8 August 2012


There will be an extension given to 'Queen Of The Deen' 2012... The hand-in date for all the team edits will now be the 18th of August, hopefully this will give you more time to get stuff done, as like every year the weather has been pretty tripe! 

We can now confirm that the premier night will be taking place on the 24th of August at Peacock Visual Arts... Stayed tuned for further details.


Anonymous said...

why so long between the deadline and premier? also, which format you want edits in?

kaplank kapow said...

Hi there anonymous... There is some time between the deadline and the premier because we need to make sure that all the edits will work and combine them into one, also for judging purpose. Please either submit as a avi or mpeg4 on a cd or on a pen drive... These details will be released soon. Cheers KK

Anonymous said...

cheers guys