Thursday, 23 August 2012


An inspiring short documentary about professional skateboarder turned architect Jannie Saario. Second Nature "reveals the important concurrence of post-industrial areas, sustainable concepts and natural environments, and unfolds the demanding obligation, towards today’s generation and those to come, to create positive and inspiring, local communities".

I've always thought that Aberdeen could harness its heavy industrial side in the same kind of way shown in Lulea's Steel Park. Donations of junk from your BPs and Subseas cleverly transformed into an exciting public space. Hell you could even whack the big corps name above the park in return for payment of the 'crete that would stitch the objects together! Win Win!


cn said...

great! the steel park was pretty sublime! definitely agree with the industrial aberdeen element.. full pipes.. :D great link cheers!

kaplank kapow said...

Cheers cn! Hope to see you at Peacocks tonight!