Thursday, 28 February 2013


AGE: 24
LOCATION: San Juan Capistrano, California
OCCUPATION: Freelance blog writer, but only when asked. (Unemployed as of last week).

5 reasons you suck and haven't started surfing yet?

I’m too cheap to invest
A’deen surfers only catch waves when the weather’s too shit to skate – the weather is never too shit to skate here.
‘Locals Only’ Breaks
Fat dude in a wet suit looks more like a seal to a shark.

5 American phrases/words, like trash-can and band-aid… you have picked up that you wished you didn't?

NorCal / SoCal
Dropping ‘U’s and adding ‘Z’s’. (Favorite / Realize).
“Lite” Beer (What the fuck is it? And why is it intentionally spelled wrong?).
Garage / Gar-Idge / Gay- Radge / Ga- Rajj. Fucking ridiculous.

5 things you really dislike about skateboarding?

The whole “smoke weed / fuck the police” vibe. Shit’s old.
Energy drink sponsorship
Thinking of things in my head I’m not talented enough to accomplish when it comes to it.
People willing to sell out and be fucked in the arse by commercialism can make a better career than the hardworking, dedicated and loyal shredders with morale standards.
Decks hand made from Canadian maple are priced the same as pieces of shit Chinese wood that’s taken half the effort.

5 not so radical things about skateboarding in the US?

Speeding tickets, but for being a skateboarder
Helmets and pads because someone thinks you need it.
You only have to wear helmets and pads at the good parks. The shit ones you don’t have to worry. Thus creating a dilemma – skate a good park but be uncomfortable doing it, or skate a shit park at your own risk? Fucking politics.

5 places you would like to visit and why?

Burma – Pretty much only because of Gareth Costello’s photography and stories.
South Korea – My friend Jennifer Nakatsu said it was shit, but I don’t believe her.
Japan – My friend Jen Nakatsu said it was rad, but I don’t believe her.
Galapagos Islands – week long mission between islands to see a variety of wild life.
Rawanda – African culture is completely different to anything I’ve experienced up until this point. Plus, I’ve got it into my head I want to see gorilla’s in the wild.