Monday, 27 April 2020


Banchory the charming Royal Deeside town has just recently been awarded full planning permission for a new skatepark located at Belfield Park, the site of the existing mini-ramp. Over the years Banchory has been lucky enough to have had one or two quirky skate obstacles, to begin with was the square bowl located over at King George Park, I believe the bowl was built in the late 80s, it was questionable to say the very least. Then in the early 00s was the infamous £5,000 recycled harbour wall skatepark, designed by the one and only Mr Glen Bolland, a fine example of how to build a park on the ultra cheap! After the park was demolished the council replaced it with a mini-ramp which was definitely not fit for a Queen, since its construction several upgrades have been made to make it more user friendly, it would be fair to say it is on its last legs.

Plans of the proposed skatepark can be viewed over on the Banchory Skatepark website, it seems to be designed by Youngo and crew over at Concreate, judging by their past parks Banchory is in for a treat.

The dream is a still wee while off, they need cash and a lot of it! The committee are currently in the process of fundraising and have also set up a Go Fund Me page where you can make a small donation, see link below.

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